Villa Le Barone offers for snacks and for dinners typical Tuscan recipes made with local, in season, fresh products.  Beef comes from our free range cattle farm and extra virgin olive oil from Villa Le Barone. Both have the eco-label Agriqualità.

Gluten Free meals on demand.

Dinner is composed by:

= a self service antipasti buffet with Tuscan delicacies

= a choice of two different pasta and soup

= a choice of three main courses (one vegetarian)

= a self service cheese buffet

= a choice of deserts (desert of the day, ice-creams -some homemade, fruit, Vinsanto)


Here below some typical dinner recipes:

Gnocchi with Arugola Pesto and baby tomatoes:  This tasty recipe is a variation of the classic pesto, which is only made of basil. You can prepare rocket pesto without ricotta if you like the strong bitter taste of rocket, but the addition of ricotta makes it milder and less bitter.
Preparation of Pesto:  put rocket with basil and salt in a marble mortar. Process to a puree. Add garlic and pine nuts. While processing in the mortar, gradually add olive oil until absorbed. At the end add ricotta and grated Grana Padano (Parmesan cheese) and the baby tomatoes.
Cook the potato gnocchi by dropping them in boiling salted water (they are cooked when they come back to the surface of the boiling water).
Toss the Pesto with pasta and some fresh butter. Serve hot. 

Peposo (Peppery): Legend has it that Brunelleschi cooked his peposo in the same furnace and at the same time he cookes the bricks for the dome he was building in Santa Maria del Fiore …

Take very lean beef stew meat, preferably from the shank, cut in large pieces .
Put the meat, garlic and tomato, salt and freshly ground pepper (at least a level soup spoon) into a large earthenware dish. Cover completely with cold water, put on the lid and place in the oven, previously heated to 180° C. Cook for about two hours, checking that it does not dry out too much; if so, add a little warm water. At the end, add some ground pepper and a little olive oil. The meat should be very tender by the end and the sauce well reduced and thick.      

Ribollita: Tuscan economy made it necessary to create lots of taste with simple, cheap products. Ribollita is a good example of this.
Fry with olive oil red onions, carrots, celery and parsley all diced and chopped.  Add tomato paste, quantity depending on personal taste.   Add water and cook with sliced cabbage, potatoes and diced courgette.
Make a thick broth with beans that have been soaked overnight.
Boil everything together for 40 minutes. Salt & Pepper.
Slice stale bread and put it in thin layers on a serving plate. Pour the cooked broth over the bread in layers.

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