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  • hands-on teaching
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Learn how to cook an authentic Italian meal with Villa le Barone’s Tuscan chef, Fernanda.

In a morning or afternoon class, our Tuscan chef Fernanda will share with you, in a “hands on”  and very practical fashion, her culinary secrets. She will tell you how to organize yourself to prepare in a minimum of time an authentic Tuscan meal that you can easily make at home….and you will amaze your family and friends when you prepare one for them!

As an example of a course, you will prepare an “Anti pasto” such as the "Bruschetta", a “Primo “, such as “Pasta  in Le Barone style” with a delicious sauce with vegetables, a main meat dish, such as “Peposo” the true Tuscan dish from Brunelleschi‘s Renaissance time, a  side dish, such as "Rosemary carrots",  and a dessert, such as the famous "Tiramisu". Fernanda will also give you tricks to prepare other dishes, and  of course, if you wish to learn how to make your own pasta or to prepare a specific dish, Fernanda  will be happy to respond to your desire!

To  enable Fernanda to take a great care of each of them, Tuscan cooking classes are only for 2 or 4 people. Laughs and good humor guaranteed!  

Participants taking part in Villa le Barone’s Cooking class will receive a folder with the recipes of all dishes prepared  during the cooking course and  an beautiful  apron to be used back home! After the class you will enjoy the lunch or dinner you have prepared on our terrace in the greenery or in our restaurant. 

To book a course or get more information ask info@villalebarone.com  


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